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Indoor skateboarding in Ventura, CA

Cutout Skateboards

Beginning with uncut square blanks, you can trace an existing shape or create your own and get it cut, drilled and setup all in the shop for $40.

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Do You Guys Sponsor?

We get this question a lot, and it’s already been covered a little bit here.

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Spot Check

Juicy gap just waiting to get blasted. Who’s got the cajones to battle this beast? Knoll Dr off of Valentine St in Ventura.

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The homie Jansen comin’ in hot with an ollie up to back 50, back when we had the astroturf and before we were doing any screenprinting out of the back room.

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Back 50

Cam told us about a spot one day before work up the street from the shop. Camden got busy with it and busted a back 50 into the driveway with Joe keeping watch.

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Vox Shop Display Contest

The due date was looming, and we’d been so busy with Skatecamp and the week in general that we didn’t even get to start until about 7:00pm on the deadline night. Plus we didn’t have hardly anything from Vox in the store! No new shoes, no stickers, no ramp tape, no POP!

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