We need 40 skaters!

The ramp is currently 16% funded by 7 skaters


Serio Skateboard Shop, 989 E. Main St. Ventura, CA 93001

Skateboarding lessons and classes

Indoor skateboarding in Ventura, CA

Vox Shop Display Contest

The due date was looming, and we’d been so busy with Skatecamp and the week in general that we didn’t even get to start until about 7:00pm on the deadline night. Plus we didn’t have hardly anything from Vox in the store! No new shoes, no stickers, no ramp tape, no POP!

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Serio 1 Year Party

Kasper Tobias stopped by early in the day with his family and shot a little video during our 1 year celebration just after we moved from our original location.

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Cambell’s Warehouse Edit

Cambell and Camden put down this little edit for our first King of the Warehouse. Filmed entirely with the GoPro. Check out all Cambell’s videos on his YouTube Channel.

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SF Hill Bomb Guide

Our friends over at Satori made a list of all the good downhill lines in San Francisco. Definitely worth a look, although I would add the line from Fort Miley to 28th Avenue along Clement!

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Serio Preschool Demo

Another edit from Denver from the day we did a demo at a preschool: Daveed, Thor, Burrito, Philip Buckley, Denver and a few other cameos. Featuring everything you’d find at a 90s skate demo: curbs, sliders, jump ramps and cones.

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Skaters X 420 Easter Bunny

Denver’s latest video on GL2. Making midtown Ventura look like a really fun place to skate. Highlights include Serio warehouse session and Diego getting served on the Cabrillo rail.

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