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Skater owned & Operated!

Established in 2013, Serio is the first skater owned and operated shop in Ventura, California. We sell skateboard hardgoods, softgoods, books, shoes and accessories from mostly smaller, underground brands. We are a specialty skateboard shop: no scooters, no snowboards, no surf gear, no corporate sport shoes, no energy drinks, no trendy streetwear, no eighty-dollar decks, no fashion pants. We make things we like, and we sell quality skate product from brands we think are keeping it real.
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Need t-shirts or web design?

We offer marketing services including silk screening, website design & development, logo / identity work, print design, signage, murals and more. Our services are good for startups, skater-owned brands looking to expand, local businesses or private artists working on tight budgets. We've worked on projects for Lurkville, FTC, Western Edition, Autobahn, Hoax MFG, All I Need, Dummy Wheels and a bunch of others. If you're a skate brand looking for services, ask about our barter program, where we barter services with you to get your product on our wall.
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Ventura Needs A Real Skatepark

Ventura Needs A Real Skatepark!

Serio is home of the Ventura Skatepark Improvement Committee (VSIC), currently working with the City of Ventura and Spohn Ranch Skateparks to rebuild our skate tracks, starting with Pacific. Buy or sell any Ventura county property through and 20% of the commission goes directly to the skatepark improvement fund! Spohn Ranch Skateparks has agreed to draft the plans for free and we've raised $5,000 to date, so please post links on your social media to support this grassroots community project.
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