Cutout Skateboards

Beginning with uncut square blanks, you can trace an existing shape or create your own and get it cut, drilled and setup all in the shop for $40.

Serio 1 Year Party

Kasper Tobias stopped by early in the day with his family and shot a little video during our 1 year celebration just after we moved from our original location.

Serio Preschool Demo

Another edit from Denver from the day we did a demo at a preschool: Daveed, Thor, Burrito, Philip Buckley, Denver and a few other cameos. Featuring everything you’d find at a 90s skate demo: curbs, sliders, jump ramps and cones.

Skaters X 420 Easter Bunny

Denver’s latest video on GL2. Making midtown Ventura look like a really fun place to skate. Highlights include Serio warehouse session and Diego getting served on the Cabrillo rail.

Rock With Me

Lo-fi, low budget, high radicalness and high love, dilldenver‘s latest edit featuring whoever was at the warehouse last Friday (I left to go get the drill and do work while everybody else had fun shredding). Featuring Diego, Thor, Jamie, Wesley, Jacob and a few other lurkers.