Being “shop sponsored” doesn’t mean you can walk in the shop and take anything you want for free. Shop sponsorship is supposed to be the bridge to factory sponsorship. If you ride for Serio, we’ll do all we can to get you in front of the people who make decisions at the companies you want to ride for. We can do this for any company, but we especially want to do this for the brands we carry since we have direct relationships with them. That being said, shop sponsorship at Serio consists primarily of the following privileges:

  • – Potential bridge to factory sponsorship
  • – Free +1 access to the skate course
  • – Teamrider homepage to post photos, videos or whatever
  • – Slight discounts on factory goods, plus occasional freebies
  • – Free Serio apparel (within reason, no looting)
  • – A full part in the #seriovideo

So how do you get on the team? There’s no formula but it helps to rip all terrains, don’t ask about anything, and don’t want it too bad.